Today -34-

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The last rose in the garden   ….

—- a beautiful winter morning  ….

Here in Germany, winter comes very early in this year with snow and ice   … unfortunately I’m still not recovered and therefore can hardly leave the house. It is also very cold and very honest … I don’t need  it now!

…for stopping by!
I wish you women around the world have a particularly nice day today!

Greetings from Germany, Petra

Über Follygirl

Viele...BUNTE ... Blogs... Fotografie... Schreiben... Privates... Kochen... Natur & Tiere.. und vieles mehr. Freue mich auf Eure Besuche! Looking forward to your visits!
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11 Antworten zu Today -34-

  1. Buckeroomama schreibt:

    Oh, Petra –that is such a wonderful gorgeous sunrise (or sunset?) picture! Beautiful!

  2. urban muser schreibt:

    gorgeous photos. love the rose.

  3. kelleyn schreibt:

    Beautiful. Froeh Weinachten und alles gute fuer das neue jahr!

  4. Life with Kaishon schreibt:

    What a beautiful post Petra! I can’t believe your last rose is still lingering on. Very pretty sunrise. When I see things like that I just thank God for the new day He has given us. Thank you so much for joining up! We are always glad to have you along!

  5. Maddy schreibt:

    Wow!! Loving your gorgeous sunrise in your neck of the woods! I’m usually a sleepyhead, so I’m never up early enough to catch one 🙂

  6. Susan schreibt:

    Hope you feel better soon. I know the cold doesn’t help. Hot tea, a good book, and a comfortable couch.
    Your images are gorgeous. One would never know you’re not feeling well. Love that 2nd landscape shot. Wow.

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