Today -32-

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This was our „quick“ dinner … vegetarian sausages with curry ketchup and buns.
Normally, I cook every day, but sometimes I have no motivation … these are the days for the „fast food“, which is sometimes tasty.

I wish all women around the world a beautiful Tuesday, enjoying the day and have fun…

Liebe Grüße aus Germany…. Petra   


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5 Antworten zu Today -32-

  1. may schreibt:

    It is good to once in a while lack motivation and have fast food!!! We too need our breaks, you know!!!!

  2. kelleyn schreibt:

    My husband would be in heaven. He loves curry ketchup. I better put that on my list for my visit in May.

  3. anita johnson schreibt:

    I’ve never had curry ketchup…sounds great! My kids are grown now and my husband and I go out more often for supper. I love it!

  4. Susan schreibt:

    I’d have fast food dinner with you! Especially if there’s ketchup. Wishing you a beautiful day too.

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